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Do not be like this, guys + Puck clarification

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 6:37 PM

so... THIS is Deviantart, a place where we all come to have fun and post our art, most of my watchers make OCs and FCs to expand the fun and RP with other people with also these characters. But there's one thing that keeps happening everywhere, and all over it. And thats Drama, or how DA itself calls is "dArama"

what I want to tell you guys, is how to avoid drama and/or at least what to do in front of it.

First off, if you have a problem with a person, if you hate someone, doesn't matter how much, avoid insulting said person in public, do not call them names, point fingers, or acuse them for something they didn't do.

I recently found a journal in DA where I was being called in, and named and blamed by many names, like Spoiled Brat, or accused for black mailing people

(Disclaimer: Im not sure if the deviant should be hidden, it could also be of help, idk)

1 by Pikacshu

2 by Pikacshu

and last but not least, I was called for "starting a fuss" when.... well...

1.- I wasn't the author of the journal taht started so much drama
2.- I wasn't even commenting, not because she blocked me (because I could have used my side account) but because she doesn't want to hear from me, nor I felt it was necesary.

3 by Pikacshu

I have a lot of more captures, but thats beside the point of this.

I don't think it's necesary to tell you that people that cause you trouble, or troll you should just be blocked or ignored, we all know that already.
But if the problem is persistent, please still, do not feed them.

Actually, it amuses me that I was called out for "starting a fuss" it's just... wow.

Anyway, what am I trying to say?

- Guys, do not be this kind of people, ok?

I know I've done it in the past too, but one learns that is not worth it.
I don't think that im doing it right now either, because im not insulting, just showing, but if you feel it is, I'll gladly take the journal down, or scratch the name of the deviant.

- If you hate someone, or feel that you need to tell them something, use another media, use the notes, use skype. Or at least bring it to tumblr instead. But an art site like Deviantart or Furaffinity is not the site for it.

Also, I can asure you that I DO talk a lot of shit about this... person. In other places, but I always keep it privated between me and the person im talking with in notes or Skype.

And now, about Puck.

Lately, I've been claiming this character to be mine

Puck 2015 reference by Pikacshu

The truth is, that this character doesn't belong to me, it belongs to a person we call Rica I won't link her DA name now, or say her real name.

You might have seen this character as beng of someone we call "Whisper" too (won't give links for same reason)

Puck Doesn't belong to Whisper either, it always was, and still is Rica's characters.

Rica and I paired our chus together (Layle and Puck) and they've been a happy couple for a long time.

But Rica left the chu fandom and handed Rica to me, I handed her to Whisper, and then took her back for reasons.

 However, "give" is the wrong term, the character still belongs to Rica, It's hers and it's never been anyone else's.

what's the thing im trying to say then?

 Rica allowed me to pretend  That Puck belongs to me, and make her live. But in reality is still Rica's character even if I sometimes say she's mine
But saying she's mine is part of pretending, right?

4 by Pikacshu 

However, Whisper was given the same right, she can also pretend  she owns Puck, but thats it, just pretending. Just like me. So you migght see Puck from now, as if there are 2 realities of her.

I hope I got to clarify a lot of things with this journal, any harm has not been intended.

non interesting journal

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 1:15 PM

5 by Pikacshu
Guess who turned 5 today 

anyway, :iconlittaly: You wanted a drawing of Zip
but here you have 2 Zips :stare:

In needs of comissions again

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 1:41 PM

so my laptop is officially dead, it was the motherboard that failed. and I need to buy a new one now :'I

I want to buy one that costs at least $300 maybe $400...
so I'll be taking comissions again.

first I would like to clarify something, I cannot draw anything that if flattening related atm, ok? ok. But I can draw you any characters with my new tablet.

Like always, my prices are NYOP

and I also make sketches for just $1 !
idc if I have to make 400 sketches :B

also I can trade money for points so I can take those too!

remember that points trading are 100 :points: for $1

New art style:

Puck 2015 reference by Pikacshu

Raichu Dreams by PikacshuLia by Pikacshu


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