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Going to unwatch several people (Rainbowchus)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 4:34 PM

I just wanted to say, That I'll be unwatching several people, or maybe not too much, it depends really.

these people are people that upload art that is Rainbowchus related. I don't hate any of you guys thatare inside of the group, but seeing related art in my inbox, it just hurts me and gives me stomach pain that I can't help it.

If you're my friend, and I unwatch you, remember that you're not my friend because of your art, and I'll still talk to you.

Retaking a Cube Collab

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 9:18 AM

First off, I apologize for randomly quitting this collab, I was really unmotivated for it, but now im back into it!

I'll need chu cubes like these

Day 21: Vero-box | [C] w/Pikacshu: Tower of Pika's by PikaIsCool Faith cube by Pikacshulina cube by pinkfrilly

here are a few different bases for your different art programs and preferences

with them, Im building this

Cube Collab Wip 1 by Pikacshu

so as you can see, I still need plenty of them, I also need more facing in other directions like left or up. Making them upside down is fun too!

.:RS:. Carter by Pikacshu
.:RS:. Carter
The Description:
◊ Name: Carter
◊ Age: 0
◊ Gender: Male
◊ Height: 2'07''
◊ Classification: 0
◊ Owner: Arlen
◊ Species: Blitzle
◊ Type: Electric
◊ Ability: Sip Sapper

- following stats will be filled upon hatching-

◊ Stats:
STA: :star: :star-half: No Star :star:
STR: :star-half: No Star No Star No Star
INT: :star-half: No Star No Star No Star
AGI: :star-half: No Star No Star No Star
◊ Attacks: Stomp, Spark
◊ Likes: Arlen, Apples, nomming on Aria's cloack
◊ Dislikes: baths
◊ Personality: Loyal but somewhat silly
◊ History: Hatched from an egg that was given to Arlen as a reward for helping Gracidea
◊ Fun Facts: Purse in spaish is "Cartera" wich is where his name come from

$2, $5 and $8 Comissions

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 1:03 PM

Prices are for 1 character

Flash colored $2

More DawnCshu by PikacshuMinies 1 by Pikacshu

Sai colored $5

Secret Santa RS by PikacshuHeather 2015 by PikacshuFNAF Bonnie by Pikacshu

Sai + simple Background $8

Frazier secret santa by PikacshuNight walk by Pikacshu


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I was thinking about this:

I could do an attempt to participate to the Cube collab with my new Chu OC, but how do I make him cubed? ._.
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Frog dance by AddMedia
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